Winfrey Foods Royal Relish Original Chow Chow Relish (3 pack)

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Made with a family recipe from the 1930’s, Royal Relish is a gourmet chow chow relish packed with a rich, robust blend of vegetables and spices. Traditionally enjoyed with beans and greens in the South. Winfrey Foods has found new uses for this old-time favorite to address all flavor palates. It is loved by meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans. Try it is dress up chicken salad, sushi, deviled eggs, burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, hummus and sandwich spreads and potato salad. Popping open a jar is an experience as the aroma draws you in! One of our favorite memories growing up in the south, is the vision of our mother Miss Judy carefully hand-grinding baskets of fresh, colorful late summer vegetables. the next morning, at dawn, we’d watch her blend secret spices, and, like magic, the distinctive aroma of a savory mixture slowly simmered into what’s known as chow chow. Our father anticipated enjoying the delicacy with a plate piled with robust flavored beans, buttery corn bread and well-seasoned turnip greens. our chow chow is so good, that at some family gatherings it is requested just as much as dessert. so, go ahead. pick up a jar or two and see for yourself. try our royal relish with chicken, fish, pork, beef, vegetables, or as an appetizer. the tantalizing taste will even dress up burgers, hot dogs, tuna and chicken salad.

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