Santa’s Secret Sex Positions Coupons

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Spice up your sex life all year long with some kinky new positions!

Santa’s Secret Sex Positions Coupons is just what you need to add a little variety to your love life. The coupon book features 20 innovative sex positions, including The Snowflake, The Sleigh Ride, The Hung Stocking and more. Each position is fully illustrated and created to accommodate a wide range of physical abilities so you and your lover should have no problem recreating them at home.

Simply pick a position from the coupon booklet and “redeem” it with your partner. (Adam’s Tip: Instead of just giving them the coupon, hide it somewhere for them to find like their lunch bag or under their pillow. The surprise of finding the coupon helps build up their excitement and anticipation – leading to a wilder and more exciting night!) The two of you can try the position out during your next playdate. Then the coupon belongs to your partner to cash in whenever they want to – leading to night after night of fun as you trade the coupons back and forth!

The booklet comes with 20 fun coupons. Each coupon features its own illustrated sex position with a naughty Christmas theme. There’s even a special notes section so you can record how you felt about the position and ways to make it even better for next time. Makes a great stocking stuffer for men and women alike!


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