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Otis & Claude Fun Pack (11 Pieces) for your Pet

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Otis & Claude Fun Pack is a set of ELEVEN toys! TEN rope toys and one funny ball that makes noise when you roll it. Your dog has quite a variety with this set—a carrot, a ball, a frisbee, an elephant, and seven tug-of-war ropes!

These toys will keep your dog happy for hours and hours. Give them all at once to your dog and see what happens. Give one at a time for being a ‘Good Dog!’ Buy a 2nd bundle to give as a gift! Otis & Claude toys are always designed with safety in mind. However, it is advised to always supervise your dog when playing with these toys and all dog toys.

Over 100 years ago, in a very small town, Otis and Claude were building clever toys by hand. They used the best materials, and worked at their designs until they were extraordinary. We’ve carried on in their tradition with Otis and Claude Fetching pet toys. The Rope Toy Set utilize simple designs to make a toy that will last long.


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