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Car Heated 12V Travel Blanket – 2 Pack

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What would be the perfect Partner for Cold weather and Winter driving? The answer for that would be the Zone Tech Cooling Car Heated Travel Blanket. The Zone Tech heated travel blanket Warms your body that helps to maintain your Metabolism and Blood Circulation. Enjoy immediate warmth at your seat. The Zone Tech Cushion Hot Warmer provides Soothing Heat not only for your tired and sore muscles.

The Zone Tech travel blanket is made from Premium Quality polyester material to ensure maximum Strength, Durability and Comfort for long-lasting usage. The Zone Tech travel blanket heats up when you connect it to your vehicle’s 12 volt DC outlet. The Zone Tech travel blanket hi-tech heating fabric uses Far-Infrared Heating which is built into the fabric, so no lumpy wires to be felt. The Zone Tech travel blanket folds easily for Easy Storage. Once folded it can be used as an Alternative Pillow for your kids and your companion.

The Zone Tech travel blanket is your Trusted travel companion, providing everything you need for on-the-go living. A good use during road trips, tailgates, emergency blanket, extra boat blanket, motor homes, and more.

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