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HOW TO: Promote Your Black Friday Sales for 2017

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Black Friday is one of the single biggest shopping days of the year besides the newer and growing Cyber Monday Sales. See we wanted to share our suggestions to help you with our HOW TO: Promote Your Black Friday Sales for 2017.

Here are few easy ways to get started promoting your Black Friday Sales for 2017

    If you have a blog (*if you don’t you should!) create at least a few different posts talking about some featured items or discounts for your Black Friday Sale. Make sure to think about what consumers might search for on search engines and incorporate that into the title and first part of your post. *If you don’t have a blog, find a website to guest post on. Feedia offers a ‘paid’ submission for an article submission.
    Submit your Coupon Code or Product Deals to Coupon/Deal Websites Forums, and Blogs. These websites tend to get a good amount of traffic and customers. The best part is, is that they are potential customers for your store as they are shoppers looking for some great deals! Take advantage of their visitors and get your products out there as much as possible to increase your targeted traffic and sales. This is a marketing strategy that most people don’t utilize as much as they should! Here is another tip: submitting coupon codes is great but don’t forget to submit product sales, as each individual product can create traffic streams from backlinks created on these websites. All of this can lead to long term boosts in search engine results, traffic, and sales. Check Out Our Free Submission Information or One of our Paid Submission Services.
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but there some social sites we recommend you don’t forget and we have some tips to make your posts stand out!
    1. Obviously utilize Facebook and Twitter! Some things that can increase your views on facebook include adding or sharing your posts to facebook groups and pages. If you want to post to someone’s page, contact them first and ask them if they would be willing to let you to post their page. If they have a big following you could drastically increase your views and interest.
    2. Use YouTube! Most people don’t know how or don’t have an easy way to create a video, but videos can drive traffic and create good search engine backlinks to your website. Not video savvy? Try Biteable  -an online creation website that can make all kinds of unique and interesting videos easily. You can use a free option that still allows you to upload to facebook and youtube if you are ok with their watermark on it.
    3. TRY REDDIT! Reddit is a great place to share coupons and deals. You have to find a good sub-reddit to post on and you must make sure you follow their rules! Do this and you could increase your targeted traffic!
  • USE FIVERR! Fiverr is a great place to find freelancers to do work for you for as little as $1! This can be a game changer for small to mid-size businesses that have a small marketing budget.